When Eric was born in 1990 in Mexico DF, Mexico he was welcomed by a large extended family. His mother, Berta, one of twelve, and his father, Humberto, one of five, watched Eric grow up chasing pigs and riding the backs of his grandfather’s sheep, and running around the house in his undies, playing the feral child from the Jungle Book.

A fascination with the movies and trips to the theater morphed into musical theater performances with his cousins, assembled out of linen stage curtains and tickets outfitted from his uncle’s prescription pad, for which he charged the neighbors a dollar entry.

The family moved to Miami, FL when Eric was eight. He went on to play sports and perform in his school’s acting program until he graduated with honors from high school. This allowed him to attend Yale University where he studied psychology and film. It wasn’t long before his acting ambitions became undeniable and he started going out for auditions. He has appeared in lead roles in independent films and commercials, which eventually, with the help of his younger sister, Andrea, gained him encouragement from his parents.

Eric loves to spend time home with his dog, Odin, and enjoys hiking, camping, running, reading, writing, and napping.